Who else is stationed in Hawai’i?! I’m tired of not knowing anybody and would like to start meeting people. Message me here or on my personal! (:

Anonymous was like: I'm moving in a few months with my SO to Hawaii & I've never moved anywhere, this far. & after I move there he's leaving a two months or so later for deployment. I'm so nervous to be there alone so far away from my family & not knowing anybody. I'm excited to be there with him, but I've never been good with making friends so I'm scared I'm just gonna sit at home with our dog all the time... 







whose in Hawaii? This anon needs some good people to meet!

ARE YOU KIDDING? Aloha spirit, yo.
Yeah there’s some that don’t want anything to do with Haoles but. 90% of everyone is SO FUCKING FRIENDLY. Be open. Respect the aina. And you’ll be ok.

Yeah sad to say some islanders want to “keep it island” but the culture is very friendly.

What gets me is, military that go and think it’s just a fucking vacation. Be respectful and LEARN the culture and why things are the way they are. You’ll be amazed.

It’s not just a vacation spot. That’s my families home. If you’re gonna go somewhere, not just Hawaii, open your eyes and ears and learn the culture.

Biggest mistake people can make is they think it’s gonna be a certain way and then don’t try and learn or appreciate they way it actually is.

Idk it’s what you make of it. Sorry that just hit a nerve. Lol

What makes me mad when people think every island in the Pacific IS Hawaii. Well the big island.

Guam is like thousands of miles away but we’re all classified under one stereotype.

ALOHA & HAFA ADAI anon! I can be your friend here! Just holla at me ((: I can show you around!

Just one tip; we islanders DO NOT BITE! Forget all the bad stereotypes you hear about us & the islands….and just enjoy your life out here.

Oh & don’t be shy ((:

I’m also in Hawaii! Do you know what base you’ll be on?! If you wanna get in touch with me, my personal blog is hope-and-anchors.tumblr.com This is our first duty station and the furthest I’ve ever been from home too, so I know what you’re going through. (:

Anonymous was like: In general, how long is special forces training? 

It really just depends on what branch you’re talking about. There’s Rangers training, Para-Rescue, Combat Coms, Seals and that’s just to name a few. Which are you wanting information on?